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Jasper Yao

Jasper Yao is a New York City Chinese-American native. Born in 1991, he went to M.S 172 and Bayside Highschool. Later, he graduated from Fudan International School in Shanghai. This is where he got to experience first-hand the difference between eastern and western culture.

jasper yao on set

Jasper Yao Educational Background

On his way back to NYC, Jasper was to attend BMCC a.k.a baby mama community college. Late enrollment was the culprit for this, as his mother had orchestrated the event, ignored the fact that he was accepted into a four-year university (Florida International University). He simply could not go simply because his mother had a random spur of the moment change of heart.

College & Growing up

At BMCC, Jasper Yao became very studious and worked hard to get transferred out to Baruch College. There, he majored in Finance with a minor in marketing due to pressure from Chinese culture and his parents. 

However, he soon found out from taking 3000 level finance classes at 8 a.m, that he simply could not listen to annuities day in and day out. He could not do Finance as a career. This revelation really confused him. He could simply not find the line to walk on that is between doing what he wanted to do and doing what his parents wanted him to do. So he had to take off a year from college to do some soul searching for a bit.

During the soul searching, Jasper stumbled onto a small office admin role for a pest control startup. This is where he found his passion for marketing. His boss was young, ambitious, friendly and encouraging. This spurred Jasper’s new-found passion as he aspired to have that entrepreneur spirit that his boss had. After finishing his short-term work contract, Jasper decided to go back to school for Marketing.

Once he had his degree, Jasper worked full-time as an intern for a digital app company Fueled. Having prior experience from his entrepreneur efforts, Jasper was quick to adapt and appreciate the tech office/startup environment.

He built upon his foundational marketing skills with blogging, SEO, and strategic big-picture thinking for a company’s digital marketing plan. He was also able to validate the fact that most marketing educational resources are on the web and that most things can be self-taught.

After College

With that in mind, Jasper sought out to do his own thing. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Jasper Yao works now as a full time as an Asian male model to make his dream of becoming a high-level influencer true.

You can check out his new york city blog on Youtube or watch his reels and vlogs here. Follow him as he chronologically details his modeling and acting journey. Keep updated with his posts as he continues to perform from November 2018 till now.