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Comic Con 2018 NYC | FUJI

Growing up in the 90’s was pretty awesome. As a hardcore gamer, I feel like I was raised in the golden age of gaming. This means that while you guys were out socializing, making friends and being general cool kids; I was playing Counter-Strike, Halo, and Starcraft/D2. So when I received an offer for the chance to go to Comic-Con without having to pay the ticket price and to work the event, I was flabbergasted. I mean c’mon, it’s Comic Con 2018 NYC baby!

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2000s gaming setup
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How did I get the gig?

Well… I had just recently started with an event staffing agency called Radikel and the gig was on their calendar. Seeing that the brand was Fuji and all you basically had to do was push their new camera in addition to taking pictures, I knew I immediately had to apply.

I couldn’t believe that the job was really to take as many pictures as possible with their new Instax camera (prints instantly) since it just sounded like so much fun.

As someone who’s always wanted to get a foot into the cosplay industry, I have so much respect for anyone who has the ability to make their own costumes, and I was more than ecstatic to get the chance to shoot them.

Walking into Javitts Center

Getting in at 10 a.m, this was already how packed it got.

Having never been to Comic Con before or really any convention, I totally geeked the f*** out. Bruh, DBZ posters, dope ass costumes, Marvel + DC everywhere, like omg.

I had about 30 seconds to take it all in, get in these two photos and a quick video. After that, I quickly rushed to meet the team.

I went to a special staff entrance and there they handed us our cameras, passes, and instructions on our plan of attack.

From there, we fanned out and had free reign to go wherever we pleased as long as we were shooting people. It was up to us how to conquer comic con 2018 NYC. Here are my results!

Comic Con 2018 NYC Event Space Photos

Just FYI, I really derped out and didn’t get much pictures of Javits, the sets, and all the wonderful nooks and crannies of Comic Con Day One + Day two (the days that I worked) as I could have.

While I would have loved to take more pictures, I just started with Radikel so I really wanted to concentrate on doing my job and not get caught on my phone. 

That meant snapping a ton of Instax pictures and I think I did a pretty good job accomplishing that. Besides managing to take over ~1200 pictures, I got to keep a good 136 for my own collection. You can find them later on below 🙂

Getting back on topic, let’s take a look at what I did manage to get sneakily.

  • london welcomes you - booths in comic con
  • dragon ball z house set at comic con 2018 nyc
  • dragon ball z house set at comic con 2018 in nyc

When I get a chance to go back to Comic Con again, I’m going to make it my mission to get as many pictures of sets, spaces, and vendor booths as I can.

Many of them were just amazing in both creativity and presentation. It’s like cosplay for a business! They gotta look the part too ya know. 

In addition, since Comic Con is a 3 day event, a lot of these sections would entirely different from day one, two and three, which makes your experience very different each day.

Don’t forget about the accompanying cool mascots, statues, and displays! They change as well. Take a look at what I was able to shoot below.


  • comic con 2018 hulk
  • comic con 2018 lego
  • cute mummy statue at comic con
  • giant dog float at comic con nyc
  • wooden x-wing at comic con 2018 nyc
  • she-ra statue at nyc comic-con
  • horror monster statue
  • dragon ball z statue


  • lego aquaman at comic con 2018
  • mera costume at comic con 2018 nyc
  • aquaman soldier costume
  • black manta costume

One of my favorites displays was the new Aquaman movie showcase!

I’m usually very skeptical of DC movies because well… they usually suck (fight me). But! I was excited for man hunk Jason Momoa and the direction that they were taking. I mean bruh… c’mon, look at these dope designs.

Seeing how Aquaman was set to release in just two months after Comic Con, I think they really wanted to make a mark at Comic Con. They did just that and really separated themselves from the pack with these displays and lego Aquaman.

Another marketing concept that really managed to astound me, was The Boys.


In a convention filled with pictures, cosplays, and other visual stunners, The Boys marketing team decided to spend their precious Comic Con 2018 NYC dollars for an ad space that has only white text on a black background.

As a marketer, I LOVED this idea. It was absolutely brilliant because it was so different and unique compared to everything else in the space.

Simple and effective, the swearing and great copywriting steals away your attention while capturing the tone of the series. What a way to create a pre-launch buzz and set a tone for things to come.

Comic Con 2018 NYC Cosplay Portraits

While part one of the gig was to take pictures with their Instax camera, Fuji also wanted us to get pictures of people with the Instax itself. Here are all the portraits of people that were willing.

I really want to give a shout out to them all for being so kind in letting me shoot them 🙂

I want to give a special shout-out to my favorite Comic Con 2018 NYC couple below.

They are possibly one of the most adorable couples I have ever met. They were so unbelievably friendly and sweet. Many of the times that I tried asked people for a picture, they thought I was trying to sell them something. Because of that, they’re often apprehensive and will give me dirty looks. These guys from the very beginning were incredibly nice and eager to help.

To give a little bit of background, they are an anime-loving couple that sells prints as a business together! Unfortunately, I don’t have their Instagram or contact info. So, If anyone knows, please contact me so I can put it in this post and have it on hand for anyone who is interested in their prints.


On Comic Con 2018 NYC Day Two, there were so many Batman + DC costumes that the convention photographers got them to all gather for group shots.

I’m pretty sure there were 100 Batmans and Jokers in the convention alone. Not there’s anything wrong with that. Na na na na BATMAN!

Comic Con 2018 NYC Merch Photos

Now we’re done with the portraits, it’s time to move onto merch. Although I am a huge anime fan, especially when I was young, I never got into figurines or any product – mostly because I’m terrible with my hands as they are shaky AF.

However, I do have friends who love to buy and paint figurines, especially Gundams. Consequently, I’ve become astounded by the skill and patience it takes to get something like that done.

If I had steady hands, I’d definitely get some dope Dark Souls figures right now and paint them. I sort of got a thing for knights, armor, and old school weaponry.

  • merch on display at comic con
  • pacific rim action figures
  • rilakkuma store at comic con
  • star war figurines at comic con nyc
  • star wars cosplay outfits for sale
  • supernatural merch
  • swords and blades for sale at comic con 2
  • swords and blades for sale at comic con
  • tentacle kitty merch
  • thanos gaunlet
  • venom symbiote
  • dark soul figurines
  • dc merch
  • dragon ball z figurines on display at nyc comic con
  • dragon ball z merch on display at comic con 2018
  • dragon ball z merch
  • female figurines
  • fighter figurines
  • fun merch at comic con 2018 nyc
  • marvel figurines at comic con


While I’m not big on figurines, I do love my t-shirts. It’s such a great way to rep stuff that you are into! I love the fact that although it’s 2019, I still see a ton of FRIENDS shirts everywhere. Awesome to know that so many people really love the show as I do. 

While browsing around Comic Con 2018 NYC, I was really lucky to find a vendor that sold exactly what I was looking for. I manage to snag a Half-Life lambda t-shirt for my friend and a totally not suspicious Black Mesa polo for myself ^^.

  • anime posters for sale
  • anime vertical banners for sale
  • artist prints for sale
  • cartoonist prints for sale
  • comic con anime posters for sale
  • comic con t shirts for sale
  • anime vertical banners for sale
  • korean artist poster for sale
  • poster vendor at comic con nyc
  • posters for sale at comic con

Comic Con 2018 NYC Fuji Instax Photos

Last but not least, here are the 136 Instax pictures that I got to keep as my personal collection.

I hope you guys enjoy the photos and get inspired because some of the cosplayers were just AMAZING. I mean… there was even a guy who decked his daughter out in a fully functional D.VA suit, working hand rocket included.

The best game to play with your friends when checking out all these costumes is to take a shot for every costume you don’t know 🙂

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